6 Best Social Media Sites for your Site SEO

Just before you pay just any SEO agency in Sydney for your site’s SEO, there are a few things you must learn as a business owner. For instance, how does social media impact your marketing effectiveness or help you rank well in search engines? 

In the path that your potential leads follow to become a customer, you must understand the different stages. For example, the information has an intent in mind, which leads them to search for a query. The search engine algorithm must find relevance between the searcher’s queries you’re your site content to list your site. 

However, in the case of social media, these platforms bring you into an imaginary virtual market. So, the SM gives a personal experience with the fastest response time too. Meanwhile, there are different social media channels where you can record tremendous results for your site.

On the other hand, an SEO agency like Sydney always appreciates specific social media profiles than others. Therefore, this article identifies some of the most profitable social media platforms for Australian businesses and how to use them.  Visit http://www.p1.com.au/ to read about SEO agency Australia.

6 Best Social Media Sites for your Site SEO

Top Social Media Sites for best SEO results


As a new user still trying to penetrate the market, LinkedIn is a great way to penetrate leads. In other words, LinkedIn is the best way to target your specific kind of audience, being the most effective site for lead generation. https://business.linkedin.com/marketing-solutions/success/lead-generation For example, 90% of marketers use the platform to generate leads https://www.semrush.com/blog/social-media-seo/ 

In addition, statistics showed that 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn as the hub of content marketing. Moreover, SEO is possible through LinkedIn as it can optimize your site’s visibility. Moreover, your personal or business profile can attract people with similar interests and business niches. Some peculiar features include the profile title, content, groups, and connections to better SERP rankings. 


Not many business owners have an idea of how helpful Medium can be to their SEO campaigns. But SEO agencies in Sydney and digital marketers know that publishing Medium content is a unique way to get the word out there. Like other social sites, you can post your content on Medium and drive traffic to your site. 

Moreover, Medium provides a broad audience that is otherwise strange to your business brand. On the other hand, it can even increase your chances of ranking for more competitive keywords with high search volume. How? Medium has built an impressive authority that can give you a food advantage on Medium. 

You should feel confident when negotiating with your SEO agency for active use of Medium for better results. Moreover, 58% of all generated traffic on Medium is from organic search results. 


You may wonder why Facebook came number 3 in the order of social media platforms that can increase your chances of SEO. The reason is simple: as good as Facebook is, the vast size can become overwhelming for your business and audience. 

In other words, it may prove difficult for users to find your business precisely because of the setup and its primary use to socialize. However, Facebook is number 3 in size of the audience, behind Google and YouTube with billions of users. Similarly, Facebook makes it easy for all users to share any content and material. 

Another great advantage is that Facebook permits Google to crawl some of its pages directly. Therefore, Facebook users can instantly appear in search results through their Facebook posts. On the other hand, business owners can use Facebook to create an online profile and publish reviews for prospective customers. 


No matter how much interaction Facebook gives, Twitter is another excellent way to promote your content via social media. Remember that the effect of social media on Google ranking is a cumulative one that sends positive signals for traffic. In simple terms, the more helpful content you produce on social media, the better the chances of your business in SERPs.

How do you begin? You can share posts in bits on Twitter to create an engagement with your audience. Meanwhile, it makes things easier when you use hashtags that increase visibility for specific topics in discussion. 

You can improve your brand awareness and increase traffic by engaging in different topics relevant to your business. Moreover, when SEO agencies use Twitter to help a business, be consistent with your links and posts. Also, focus on generating likes, shares, and comments as active engagements for better Google Search results. 


Pinterest is also an ideal way for SEO marketers and agencies to build search traffic for the business. Moreover, Pinterest is a social media platform, and it can also serve as a search engine site. Also, you can integrate trendy and relevant keywords into the pin keywords for building viable SEO.

Statistics also show that there are more than 2 billion monthly searches on Pinterest. In addition, 97% of these searches are followed by interaction as they find it entertaining and helpful. On the other hand, other consumers draw inspiration from the platform above any other social site.

An SEO agency can also create massive results from Pinterest as a social media platform. Moreover, remember to boost your search feature visibility through profile usage and to follow relevant influencers. Also, consistent activity through Pinterest can make your SEO efforts worthwhile. 


Quora is the social media place for asking and answering relevant questions about your site and business. Its specific feature is that it makes it possible to follow pertinent topics of discussion on the site. Moreover, as an SEO tool, it follows the keywords that the audience is using.

On the other hand, as Quora users interact with these topics, they can access your site and continue to follow your business. Moreover, you can make their visits worthwhile by creating the correct information that can meet these needs. In addition, you can even target your question or answer to audiences of a particular country or region.


We cannot say enough about other highly impactful social media sites for SEO, such as

  • YouTube
  • Reddit
  • Instagram 
  • GrowthHackers

As you learn the correct way to use these social media sites, your SEO agency gets an edge to optimize the chances of your site. Remember to maintain a personal identity with which your potential clients can interact, rather than an impersonal interaction. Which of the social media sites above do you need help with?  Click here to read about The uniqueness about search engine optimization that you need to know.