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Summit Marketing offers Search Engine Marketing services to our new and existing web design clientele. This service compliments our SEO friendly web design practice, and lead to maximum traffic and sales to your website.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is comprised of all activities having to do with marketing websites to the search engines to gain visibility. The three most popular components of SEO are:

Website Optimization

Internet Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing

The downfall of many a SEO specialist – spamming the web with irrelevant information regarding your product or service will not only get your website irrelevant traffic, but it can also get you blacklisted from the major search engines, such as Google and MSN.

The ultimate goal of a SEO marketing campaign should be to increase traffic to your website; however, not just any traffic. The clients that come to your website should be qualified, relevant traffic, ready to purchase a product or service, or whatever other action that you wish for them to do.

Search Engine Marketing should be a critical component of your marketing strategy. Like any new marketing campaign, you need to justify the expense of the marketing with the projected revenue from the new business that is generated. In most cases, a well-executed Search Engine Marketing campaign will pay for itself many times over.

Beyond organic SEO services which can take several months to materialize, it is often times necessary for a starting company to see immediate sales and revenue materialize from their new website. This is where the PPC or Pay Per Click Management services of Summit Marketing come into play, allowing us to buy clicks on your behalf, getting your company found in the top listings immediately. Learn more about PPC Management

If you are interested in our Search Engine Marketing services and would like a free consultation, please contact us at (701) 492-2889