payment gateway integration

Payment Gateway Integration facilitates the processing of payment details typically involving credit cards on your ecommerce website, so that you receive the payment directly in your merchant account. Integrating ecommerce websites using payment gateways has become essential with the rapid increase in ecommerce and online shopping trends. At Summit Marketing, we are familiar with most payment gateways such as:


CC Avenue

CC Now


There are numerous advantages of payment gateway integration.

Customers can shop online in a virtual environment

You can do business virtually 24×7

Money is automatically transferred to your merchant account

Security and peace of mind with credit card transactions

Fast, easy, and secure online processing

Provides vast and easy access to the global market – You are not restricted by geographical borders to receive payments

We can help you integrate your ecommerce website with a payment gateway convenient to you. Get in touch with us right away to know how we can help you. We also offer a wide range of ecommerce solutions to suit your ecommerce needs. Please contact us today to know how we could assist you in your ecommerce needs.