search engine optimization (seo)

I Want More Visitors!

Every website’s purpose is to attract visitors. Without them, a website will simply get lost in cyberspace. A search engine marketing campaign is a vital step in acquiring visitors from search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Where do visitors come from?

There are two ways to get visitors from search engine results to your website. The first is search engine placement, also known as Natural or Organic Search Ranking. This simply refers to the position your website will be in when certain keywords are searched on Google or Yahoo. For example, if you are ranked 3rd for the keywords “summer camp,” your website will be third from the top of Google’s first page when somebody searches the words “summer camp.” If you are ranked 15th, your website will be fifth from the top of Google’s second page.
The second method of diverting search engine traffic to your site is through Sponsored Listings or pay per click advertising. Sponsored listings are the websites that show up first on Google; they are located in a yellow box above the #1 ranked website in Natural or Organic listings. Pay per plick advertisements are the links that show up in a small bar to the right of the Natural or Organic listings, and are free until a visitor clicks the link. For each visitor that clicks your link, you will be charged a predetermined fee (usually between 25 cents & $5).

How can I get visitors to come to me?

Search engine placement automatically ranks websites in order of their respective relevance to the keywords searched. These placements are completely free; everybody has the same opportunity to be part of them. As we all know from experience, very few people bother to search past the first or second page of Google results. Our purpose is to make sure that
Google believes your website is one of the 10 or 20 most relevant sites for certain keywords, so that you automatically end up on Google’s first or second page where customers can easily find you. How do we do it? Through SEO or search engine optimization.
If you don’t think you’re up to the task of getting your website high in Google or Yahoo’s natural Search Engine Placement, you can always buy visibility through sponsored listings and pay per click ad campaigns.

Which One is Right for Me?

Natural vs. Artificial Search Engine Placement
Natural Search Engine Placement Advantages: 77% of people skip over sponsored listings and go straight to natural search results.
When making a purchase, 67% choose organic over sponsored listings.
Natural placement attracts users and garners trust, as your ranking is real and not purchased.
There is no risk of click fraud (click fraud is when competitors click, click, click away on your PPC ads, driving up the price of your campaign).
Search engines won’t charge you for it

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Pay Per Click/Sponsorship Advantages:
Very quick – campaigns take less than day to set up
You get what you pay for – pay Google for traffic, and you’ll get traffic. Immediately.
What else do you want? All you need is traffic.
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