7 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence for Holiday Sales

There’s no denying it: the busiest time of year is the festive and holiday periods. Gift lists are looming, buyers are ready to spend, and the clock has begun to strike twelve.

Do you know that about 59% of Australians begin their holiday shopping early to avoid out-of-stock items? 31% of shoppers start crossing names off their shopping list in June!

Your key task now is to ensure that you appear in potential clients’ web searches. SEO traffic typically converts to in-person visits. When your local seo are optimised for SEO discoverability, it is much simpler to squeeze every last conversion out of the high-traffic holiday season. Learn more reasons why your SEO strategies are not yielding results.

So, here’s how businesses should prepare for the surge – they have to boost their search engine rankings, and successfully direct customers to their stores. According to Google, busy customers will use omni-channel experiences to ensure that things are in stock or available before visiting a physical store. That implies your local listings must be up to date and accurate everywhere if you want to close the deal; every touchpoint is important.

  1. Create a business profile in key directories.

When creating your profile, include as many facts about your company as possible: location, phone number, category, hours, services offered, and so on. The more information you supply, the more “trustworthy” you will be in the eyes of search engines like Google. Furthermore, more is more when it comes to enlightening clients that have visited your business profile.

Google is a key directory, and you should surely build a Google Business Profile. If you’ve ever searched for a business on Google (and who hasn’t?), you’re already aware that the search engine displays a business summary in the top-right corner. It provides reviews, images, and actionable prompts such as “directions” or “call” in addition to basic location information. When you finish your Google Business Profile listing, you’ll get one of these overviews as well.

Using a listing management tool, you can update your location information in multiple directories at once. This saves time and makes sure that all directories show the same information, which is important for your search engine ranking and for your customers!

  1. Add Holiday Hours.

Many SEO agencies do encourage their clients to extend or change their hours to suit increased demand during the holidays and other peak shopping seasons. The same is true for establishments that are closed on specific holidays. Don’t leave consumers in the dark (or worse, locked out of your shop because they had no idea you were closed). If required, update your listings with your changed holiday hours and if you’re not altering anything, affirm that your hours will remain the same.

  1. Include Photographs

People enjoy window shopping. And, because your website serves as your virtual shop-or window-they must be aesthetically appealing. Investing even a little time and money into high-quality images is the greatest way to show the world what you’ve got when it comes to nudging potential clients in the right direction, whether you’re in food service or the fancy soap industry. Give them a look at your shop, goods, and decor: everything that reflects your personality or brand. These are the basic things digital marketing agencies and SEO companies will put in place for the success of your business, but if you’re handling your SEO service needs yourself, make sure you know how it really works.

The most critical aspect is that the photographs you submit are appealing. Anything less may result in individuals’ being turned away. This is especially difficult for multi-location enterprises.

  1. Make a local inventory.

When time is of the essence, buyers want to know that when they arrive in-store, they will find what they are searching for. Local inventory is a great thing to add to your company’s web page because it lets customers search for items by location.

This feature also makes it easier for customers to find products as they browse your virtual categories, giving you even more search attention. While this stage is a little more complex than the others, P1 SEO agency is here to assist.

5. Get ideas from Google Posts.

During the holidays, there’s usually something exciting going on in-store. You may be conducting a limited-time promotion or organising a themed event. Perhaps you just need to share some essential news or get customers enthusiastic about a hot new product.

With Google Posts, you can express yourself loud and proudly no matter what the message is. These photo-enhanced tiles are shown in a carousel under your important information in the business panel of your Google Business Profile.

The popularity of “near me” searches has lately skyrocketed. This is important because more than half of the people who ask these questions end up going to the store. If a business needs an SEO services in Sydney, they would probable search for SEO companies in Sydney rather than searching generally which makes it difficult for them to narrow down.

Near me search volume has increased by 136% in the last year alone.

6. Take part in consumer feedback.

Managing and reacting to internet evaluations is an essential component of doing business in the digital era. Every remark, no matter what kind of feedback it is, needs a response. This is why.

While this may appear to be a difficult task, adopting a reputation management system is the most efficient way to respond quickly.

7. Keep your Q&A section current.

Customers (rightfully) have questions as holiday hours, merchandise, and health measures are always challenging. Even though keeping your listings up-to-date is a good first line of defense, you can’t think of every possible need in advance.

If a customer can’t find what they’re searching for on your company’s profile, they’ll frequently ask a question in the page’s Q & A section. Is this shop selling X-boxes? Do they accept cash? Is it okay to bring my dog inside? 

This coming festive seasons, take a burden off your plate by doing the right things. Everything described in this article may be done with the help of a local SEO service solution provider.

If you’re just getting started with your local search presence, P1 SEO agency can be a great support for your business scaling. For SEO services in Sydney or Melbourne or anywhere else with Australia that you might need the help of local based SEO company, reach out to P1 SEO agency and you will be glad you did.

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